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Atheneum Team - Interviews

The People of Atheneum — Meet The Copywriter

The blockchain industry as a whole does not have a long track record but the track record that it has managed to produce in its short existence has been one shrouded in mysterious projects, unknown developers, ...

Build the future of Atheneum and help change the course of education.
Atheneum Team - Interviews

Help Build The Future of Atheneum and Earn $AEM

WALLET THEME COMPETITION Help build the future of crypto and make your mark in the history of blockchain. Atheneum, a first mover in the education-centric blockchain space and the world’s first DALO, is host...

Atheneum Team - Interviews

A Chat With Atheneum’s CTO [Part 2]

In Part 1 of my chat with Atheneum’s Chief Technology Officer, Christopher Black, we discussed the early days of the project and where he sees the project going.  Today’s article will focus on one of his m...