Latest EMBER Blockchain Bootstrap (Compiled automatically twice a day)
BEFORE YOU CONTINUE: Understand that using bootstraps is a method of last resort and that blockchain nodes and wallets should always be synchronized from block 0. Use this method ONLY if you've tried the methods posted in #ember-wallet-issues and failed. This information is posted as a reference only and we are not responsible for any loss you may incur
Bootstrap Instructions
1. Go to your Data Folder
BEFORE YOU START: Close the ember wallet. If you don't this won't work properly. Next, click on the Start button and type %appdata% and press enter.
2. Open your Ember directory
Double-click on the Ember file directory to examine the contents.
3. Delete old block data
Select all the files EXCEPT wallet.dat and delete them. It is strongly recommended to copy the wallet.dat file to a safe location BEFORE you delete anything in this directory.
4. Download Bootstrap
Download the bootstrap by right-clicking on the red link at the top of this page.(right-click, save-as or click and save as if your browser doesn't support right-click)
5. Save to your Ember Directory (part 1)
When prompted for a save location, type %appdata% and press enter in the address bar
6. Save to your Ember Directory (part 2)
Double-click on the Ember file directory and click Save.
7. Open the Bootstrap
Once again, click on the Start button and type %appdata% and press enter then double-click on Ember. Next, double-click on the file.
8. Extract Files
Click on the Extract All button
9. Choose correct location
Make SURE it's saving to the right location. There should be nothing after ...\Appdata\Roaming\Ember . If there is, delete the extra."
10. Method 2 for other zip programs
Alternately, if you are using a proprietary zip manager such as 7-zip or winzip, right-click on the zip file and select Extract here
11. Verify Directory contents
Verify that the contents of the directory looks like the above picture
12. Open Ember wallet
Open the Ember wallet and allow it to sync. Once fully synced, verify you are on the correct block with the Embbot in the discord channel.
13. Troubleshooting

In the Debug Console of your wallet, type :

If the result is mismatched coins, then type :

Wait a few seconds then restart the wallet
If you did all of the steps and you are missing some or all of your coins, open the debug console and follow the directions above.